Kybella "Chin & Neck Fat" Removal... only $475/Vial !!!! (Limited Time Offer*)

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The only FDA approved injection treatment that dissolves your "Double Chin". Now it's possible to get rid of hanging facial fat. Rejuvinate your face while restoring your youthful beauty. CALL s for your Appointment.

Juvederm Treatment

BOTOX $10.90/unit
Using Botox with Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane provides you with the best of both worlds. These two procedures complement each other perfectly by relaxing lines and filling wrinkles at the same time.

Juvederm Treatment

Kybella Injections work directly on subcutaneous fat cells under the chin. Treated fat cells are destroyed by Kybella. They are then metabolized naturally by your body and eliminated. Once destroyed these cells can not store or accumulate fat again. This leaves you with a contoured, youthful and rejuvinated appearance.

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Call our office to schedule your appointment. We have weekend and evening hours for your convenience. Same Day Apointments Available. Specials are valid For A Limited Time. This offer is coordinated with Brilliant Distinctions and may be Cancelled without notice. Call to Schedule--Now!!!   (516) 670-0282

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Patients travel from near and far to to be treated at our office. They come from NYC, NJ, CT and LI.  We give them superior treatment at a reasonable price.

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If you need more information.....accept our invitation to come in for a consultation. We'll review your concerns and expectations..... while offering a personalized plan based on our years of experience.  (516) 679-0282

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KYBELLA SPECIAL $475/v !!!!!
Now you can enjoy the beauty of Kybella at a discounted price. This is your chance to see what Kybella can do for you. If you're tired of your profile and excessive fullness under the chin....Now's the time to think about Kybella. You deserve to look your best and its finally easy and affordable.

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Our goal is to offer a comprehensive approach to your concerns. This includes evaluation of  your expectations in relation to the available treatment options.

Juvederm Treatment

As  Long Island's Premier Kybella Treatment Center, we offer highly personalized treatment in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. All treatments are customized to the individual patient and all services are priced as affordably as possible.

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We have over twelve years experience with Facial Aesthetics, Injectable Fillers, and Botox. Our doctor will create a comprehensive plan to suit both your expectations and budget.